Friday, June 27, 2008

Earn up to 47100 RS points Each Month with 3 programs

well firstly i think its not a new idea...but im sure no 1 tried it before...
anyway, the thing is that we make a new account on rapidshare...(collectors account) for those who doesn't have premium account...therefore, the premium users can use their premium accounts to do this also to get free points....
after u create new account..upload one file...
the size must b at least 1Mb..(make it 1mb)

Now follow these pix:-

then Download USDownloader from here: (about 5Mbs)
Download link:

Program 1 >>>

download the batch from here:-

Download link:

firstly extract Reconnect_delete_temp_files.rar...
for dialing-up users (broadband and all dialing-up users,and all users that use username/pass to connect to internet )
u can only use this batch file 2 reconnect ur connection..
its so fast, u can reconnect in 3 seconds maximum..
all u do is there r 2 files 1 for deleting the temp files...u can just add it to ur scheduler..
the other file is reconnecter...
now follow these Instructions:

1-open the batch file by right click on the icon => EDIT..
now do these instructions:-

NOw open USDownloader...
2- go 2 options and do this
in main

in settings

3- now go to scheduler

press add

another task for getting ur links automatically

last task for deleting temp files..

now just press OK and thats all...
anyway, at this moment u can paste ur link inside the "usdownloader" and start to get ur own points.
to delete all the temp files automatically just add new task in scheduler
then add this file..called "Delete Temp Files"

Download link:


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