Friday, June 27, 2008

Watch Movies Over the Internet or by Downloading FREE

This program is one if not the best movie software i have found been using it now for about 1 day and thought i would post up here for all you lot.

Worth a download because its really good.

more info below :-

The easiest and fastest way to watch full-length videos online.

# Access to over 130,000 videos
# Full-length, full-resolution files
# High-Definition video support
# Faster than peer-to-peer
# Integrated playback
# Free to download and use
# Contains no spyware or adware
# Easy installation and setup


Streaming Video Playback

* Instant access to over 130,000 videos
* Full-resolution, full-length files
* Forget BitTorrent, Graboid Video features little-to-no waiting for video playback


* Download any video in our database for viewing or burning later
* High-definition video files are available
* Max-out your connection with the fastest download speeds anywhere

Integrated Playback

* Play video files directly within the application
* Full-screen, high-resolution playback
* Crystal-clear digital audio
Full Web Integration
* View details on your favorite videos directly within Graboid Video
* Participate in discussions and get support with built-in community forums
* Manage your account details without ever leaving Graboid Video

To download :-

Download links :

To go to website :-



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