Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stream Music, Videos and Movies from iTunes Library to your iPhone for Free

Step 1:
Open “Sharing” in System Preferences and enable “Personal Web Sharing” - this will turn on the built in web server installed with OS X. When enabled, it will display an address (your IP or computer network name) as the URL for accessing the site on your network. Note this address - we’ll be visiting it on our iPhone via Safari later.

Step 2:
The root of the web site is located in /Library/WebServer/Documents.Open the Terminal and type the following:cd /Library/WebServer/Documents/and press ENTER.

Step 3:
Still in the Terminal we will continue by creating a Symbolic link to your iTunes “Movies” directory and place this link in the root of your web server by typing the following:ln -s /[path ti your iTunes Movies folder] MoviesExample: ln -s/Volumes/Machintosh HD/users/john/Music/iTunes/Movies Movies

Step 4:

Open Safari on your iPhone and visit the address provided when you enabled the Personal Web Sharing in your iPhone followed by /MoviesExample:

The library browsing UI using the above iPhone trick is not as slick as iTunes or even the optimized iPhone interface offered by Dot.Tunes however all you need to do is use the text directory listing and simply tap on any movie link to launch QuickTime on the iPhone to play the movie.

One of the issues of this iPhone trick is that though though it will work well over the typical 802.11 b/g/n networks that is usually available at home, you might experience reliability issues if you go the extra mile to try and stream over the web.

However, the best part of the trick is you do not need any of those complicated iPhone hacks or even touch the iPhone’s internal structure nor do you need to alter things on the iPhone, simply point your iPhone's Safari browser the address provided when you enabled the Personal Web Sharing to watch any movie from your Terabytes of iTunes library.

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