Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Simple Upload Tutorial For Users Without RapidShare Accounts

Why not put something back into the community today by uploading something. In this tutorial I will cover the basics of uploading a large file to RapidShare.

Before we start you will require:

- WinRAR

Lets get started:

Part One:

Find the file you want to upload.


Part Two:

As Rapidshare only allows files of a maximum of 100mb to be uploaded the average film, game is over that limit so it will have to be split into 100mb files using WinRAR.

Right click on the file you want to split go to "WinRAR" and then click "Add To Archive".


Part Three:

For the files to be split correctly it has to be setup right.

1. Here we will select the name of the split files that will be created.

TIP: When files are uploaded to RapidShare a space " " is automatically converted to an underscore "_", So it looks allot tidier if you replace all the spaces in your file name with a dot ".".

For example, "My Files.rar" when uploaded will become "My_Files.rar, therefor it well look better if you name it "My.Files.rar"

TIP 2: Giving the files a misleading name has been known to extend the life of the links. For example if you were uploading Shrek 2 instead of naming the file "Shrek.2.DVDRip" you could name it "Big.Green.Monster.2"

Click "Browse" to change where the files will be saved (By default they will be saved in the same folder as the file you are splitting)

2. If you want to minimise the chances of the files being corrupt, check this box and the files will tested after they are created.

3. This is where we will set the size for the files to be created on bytes. The best size to have is 104,857,500 bytes = 99.99MB

So enter:


in the box.

4. This is where the compression is selected, the lower the compression the longer it will take for you and the person who extracts it, it is best to set it to "Store" as it will then be very quick. (Even if you set it to "Maximum" you will probably not notice a drop in size for large single files)


Part Four: (Optional)

1. On this screen you will have the option to password protect the archive. Just click the button and then enter your desired password. (Remember to save the password somewhere because you will need to post it with your links)


Part Five: (Optional)

On this seen you will have the option to add a "Comment" to the file, this will be displayed next to the files when opened in WinRAR. The comment can only consist of text.

1. To load a comment from a text file select it in this box.

2. To write your own comment enter it in this box.

(It will save allot of time to create a text file and enter the comment, you will not have to type it every time)

3. When you are happy with the settings, click "OK" your split files will then be created with the settings selected.


Part Six:

Your split files are now being created,

1. To send WinRAR down to the right hand side of the screen, click here.

You can then hover over the icon to see the progress:


Part Seven:

Open the folder where you saved the files to, you should then have something like this:


Part Eight:

Now go to:

1. Select the one of the split files that you want to upload.

2. Now click "Upload".

3. Do that for each of the files to complete the upload.

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