Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to burn PS2 games, and play them on your PS2

Welcome, to the guide that will tell you how to burn PS2 games, and play them on your PS2 without a modchip! Modchips are hard to find, cost a lot, and require soldering experience to install. This method is cheap, and requires no experience at all. Lets go on to the Guide.

Downloading the games

This part is actually the easiest. Go to google, and find yourself a copy of utorrent. Once you have downloaded and installed, open it up. A speed guide will appear. Make sure the port is forwarded, and if it is, choose your connection speed, and press OK. Click file, and then exit. Now you will go to google and find the game you want. If you purchased your console in the USA, look for a game that says NTSC on it. Live anywhere else, and pick up a copy of your game in PAL. This is VERY important, as switching the modes will make the screen colorless, or sometimes blank. After your game has downloaded (2 hours – 2-3 days) go to the next step.

Extracting the game

If you find your game is in RAR, ZIP, or a series of numbers, then you need this next stop. If your game is in ISO, BIN, or MDF/MDS, skip to burning. To extract your game, get the program WinRAR. The program says it’s a trial, but nothing happens when your trial runs out. Move the ISO, BIN, or MDF/MDS file to the desktop, and close WinRAR. Go on to the next step.

Burning your game

We are going to use Alcohol 120%, a burning application. I would suggest getting a torrent of this application. Once you have installed the application, I suggest restarting your computer. Click on Image Burning Wizard, which is located on the left side of Alcohol. Choose your ISO, and press next. At the bottom of the next window is a dropdown menu. Choose Playstation 2, and then change the Disc speed to lowest. If you forgot to put your burnable DVD in the tray before this, please do so, and restart Alcohol. Choose the slowest burn speed possible. Leave the rest settings alone, and then press next. The disc is now being burned. I HIGHLY suggest that you don’t do anything during the burning process, as you may lose buffer, which is critical for DVD’s. Once its done, go to the next step.

Playing the game

All you need is a codebreaker, a REAL PS2 DVD (DVD games are silver on the bottom. CD games are blue) , and a USB pen drive.
Download this file

Put all of the files in this ZIP file into your USB drive. Insert your codebreaker in the PS2 WITHOUT THE USB DRIVE INSERTED. Once its booted, go to device management, and insert your USB. Click the USB option, and choose to save the file to the memory card. Once its done, turn off the PS2. Go here

Download cogswap

unzip it, and insert the ELF file onto your USB drive. Put your USB drive into the PS2, and turn on codebreaker. After the load screen is up for a little bit, you should see SMS player. Press start, and go to browser settings. Choose exit to: MC0 system something then boot.elf. Save the changes, and exit SMS browser. You are now met with a white screen. Press select, scroll to the start button, press O on your controller, and navigate to MASS: cogswap.elf. Press OK using the O key, and press start to load cogswap. If all went well, you should now press eject, and remove the the front part of the tray. This thing snaps on and off, so keep it to make it look beautiful after the process. Insert that REAL PS2 game you actually bought. When the CD on the screen turns yellow, use a butter knife. Insert it in the middle of the tray, at the bottom. Slowly move the knife right, and you will see the tray open slightly. You can now pull the tray out with your fingers. Take out the disc, and replace it with the burned game from before. Close the tray a little fast, but not shoving. Take the Knife, take it as fir right as possible, and push left. If you feel something following the knife, your doing it right. Once the knife will go no further, press X. It will now tell you to use cogswap. Ignore this, and press X again, and MAGICAL! The game is now loading.

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