Saturday, May 10, 2008

After Effects CS3 Professional Essential Training

After Effects CS3 Professional Essential Training
with: Chad Perkins

From creating simple animation to integrating Photoshop, Illustrator,
and Flash files, After Effects CS3 Professional Essential Training explores
the possibilities available using the motion graphics and animation features in
After Effects. Adobe Certified Instructor Chad Perkins teaches the fundamentals
of managing the timeline, working with 3D layers, creating projects for iPods
and mobile devices, and more. Using numerous hands-on visual effects and motion
graphics exercises, he teaches the skills necessary for mastering After Effects
tools and workflow processes. Chad even devotes an entire chapter to using After
Effects and Photoshop together effectively. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

02.After Effects Overview
03.Getting Started
04.Importing Files
05.Of Layers and Compositions
06.Using the Timeline
07.Animation Essentials
08.Animation Part 1 The Basic Principles
09.Animation Part 2 Helpers
10.Animation Part 3 The Next Level
11.Being Creative with After Effects
12.Introduction to Effects
13.Using Text in After Effects
14.Video Editing in After Effects
15.Masks, Mattes, and Keying
16.Working with Audio
17.Introduction to 3D
18.Photoshop and After Effects

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