Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rapidshare To Rapidshare Remote Upload

1. Go to the RapidShare link you want to remote upload.

2. Click Free, and copy the URL from the address bar.
Use this program (requires net framework 2.0) to convert the raw RapidShare URLs into normal ones.

3. Put your RapidShare premium username and password into the URL like this.

4. Go to http://~ Due To The Increase In Phishing We Now Disallow Protected URL's ~/go/customurl and shorten your URL from step 3.
Choose your custom URL, as the filename that you want the file to be downloaded as.
E.g. VelocitySucks.rar or Velocityreallystinks.rar

Add this new short URL into the remote upload box in RapidShare.

The file will be named whatever you chose for your short URL, so add in a .rar (or other extension) when choosing your short URL.

If that doesn't work, try this

First you must open rs link in a web browser click premium and copy one of these addresses

Next add to this address your premium password and username (as in first post in this topic). Next short this url.

You must disable direct links into your premium zone on rs.

If it still doesn't work try this...

just to make it more simple you use the old method and modify the link by adding cg or gc or gc2 or l3 or l32 or l33,.... before .rapidshare or simply use the notepad and replace ( .rapidshare ) with one any of those


for example your link is

1st I use the link checker to know on which server the file( s) on >>get rs#of the link

will be somthing like this

till now the old method which doesnot work now.

2nd using notepad

* replace http:// with http://user:pass@
** replace .rapidshare with l33.rapidshare so it will be like this

3rd you custom your url using http://~ Due To The Increase In Phishing We Now Disallow Protected URL's ~/go/customurl/new
it is great site .

so your

will be

http://~ Due To The Increase In Phishing We Now Disallow Protected URL's ~/rrrr01.rar

at the end you add the links to your remote upload.

and by the way no need to disable direct downloads with this
( means you will not stop downloading using flashjet or download manager while doing this )

many thanks fire_kid & BeeReeX.

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Siva said...

Can U Find Trick to Download many Files simultaneously ( Parallel Download ) . Please

BugMeNot said...

This trick doesn't work anymore

Anonymous said...

wow nice blog.