Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Got Error while uploading Template - bX-2nuf8g

After making the first post here,I thought of changing the Blogger template.I never liked the default templates provided here at Blogger.After finding a suitable template (after 2 hrs. of search), I just tried to upload it to my blog , but I got this error message from Blogger - bX-2nuf8g. I tried one more time but same message.I retried for 5 times more,but in vain.

Then I just checked my other blog by uploading the template there, doubting if there is any problem in that specific blog, but still the same error message - bX-2nuf8g.

Then I searched blogger help for this error message.There I got to know that this message ( and every message starting with "bx-" have no specific meaning.They adviced to delete your cookies and cache and retry. But this also didn't help ,then I used 2nd option available there - Report your Error Message to Blogger.

here's the link for that -

Well let's see what Blogger can help me with.

Solution - Just change your browser,I tried with Apple Safari and got my work done.

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