Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One shot, one kill: how to become popular with (almost) each post you write on your blog

Do you need traffic for your website? Take a look at these simple tips...

This post is dedicated to every people who wrote me asking to me how I made popular a lot of my posts on delicious in the past weeks. There is a "simple" way to make popular your post and assure a costant high traffic on your site for a medium period conquering a place on delicious home page... and this is what you have to do.

Step 1: Write something interesting
...otherwise it's all useless.

Step 2: your link on delicious/popular page
If you want to conquer delicious home page with your new post, the first step is do appear your new post/link on del.icio.us/popular page:

How can you do it? It's not so difficult if you have a medium daily traffic and a god number of feeds subscribers. I noticed in average 10-12 votes on delicious (users who save your link to their bookmars) in 30 minutes are enough to do appear your link on delicious/popular page and - this is the good news - immediatly you'll receive a high number of new visits from this page.

The "bad" news is: if you want to remain for a long time on delicious/popular page page (and in this way have a possibility to conquer delicious home page) you have to mantain an increasing votes trend for your link. And how can you do it? The faster way is using social network to promote your new post.

Step 3: Publish it and promote it on social networks
In general I use this simple... let me say... "rule" which works very well: when I publish a post on Woork the first thing I do is add it to some general news sites (I use only digg, mixx, reddit) and other niche websites related to the topics about which I write on my blog (Dzone, Design Float and CSS Globe).

Combined effect in terms of visits from these websites produces in general the hoped result and the number of people who save your link on delicious will increase quickly. In this way after one / two hours your link on delicious will catch up 100 votes, enough to appears on delicious home page!

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