Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to fix bx-errors while uploading templates?


Many of us may have experienced "bx-erros" while uploading new templates for your blog. This has been quite frequent these days. Some common codes that the bloggers received uploading a new template are -
  • bx-bliced
  • bX-ev85ll
  • bX-39cc9q
  • bX-y6cz0v
  • bX-982020
When searched for the reason of this, I got this explanation from one of the Blogger employee -
Recently we changed the way our template editor accepts certain third party code, so that it is now less tolerant of certain templates. We did this because we had seen a lot of data corruption due to 'bad templates,' and we are trying to stave off some of these issues pre-emptively.

Now we realize that this has caused some inconvenience to folks, so we are re-thinking our decision and will post an update on that shortly.
Here are few steps that will help you getting these "bx-erros" while uploading new templates -
  1. First of all, try to upload your new template in the Layout>Edit HTML section of your dashboard. Not all templates have been affected by this issue, so it is advisable to check before attempting to edit your template significantly. If you do receive a bX-error code when trying to upload your template, you should proceed to step 2.
  2. If your new template is an XML file (with the .xml entension), browse to where this is located on your computer and right click the file. Choose to open with Notepad (or your favorite basic text editor). If your template is contained within a text file (for you to copy and paste into the template editor), simply open this with your text editor.
  3. Search for every instance of b:widget id= in your template, for example:
    • b:widget id='Header1'
    • b:widget id='Blog1'
    • b:widget id='Label1'
    • b:widget id='HTML1'

    Replace each of these IDs with the next number up. For example, Header1 should become Header2; Blog1 should become Blog1, HTML3 should become HTML4 and so on.
  4. Once you have changed each and every instance of widget id to a different number, you should save the template under a slightly different file name (to be aware of your altered file). If this is an XML file, be sure to save with the XML extension.
  5. Now you have made these changes, attempt to upload your file again in the Layout>Edit HTML section of your Blogger dashboard. Now you should not receive the error code and will be able to upload your template.
If even after following these steps you are still getting the error, remove all the cookies and internet files from your web-browser and restart your web-browser, or you can use another web-browser. You can also use "CCleaner" which is a freeware for removing all the cookies and internet files.

Hope this will help you. If you are still having any difficulty just leave a comment here.

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