Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Add Popular Posts widget to Blogger Blogs ?

Many of the Bloggers want to show their users list of the Most Popular posts on their blog.Many such "Popular Posts" widgets have been available for Wordpress blogs but there was none available for Blogger blogs.

Recently one such widget have been devised for Blogger.It is based on the number of comments each post gets.So,the most commented post will be the Most Popular Post of your Blogger Blog.The script checks last 5000 comments made on your blog,and displays the post titles with their URL's followed by no. of comments in bracket,in the descending order of their popularity.

How to install this Popular Posts widget on your blog?

Below is a quick installer,just enter the values for "Widget Title" and "Blog URL",click "Customize" and "Add to my Blog".

Once you click "Add to my Blog" button,you will be directed to the Widget installer page,where you can select on which of your Blogger Blogs the Popular Posts widget is to be installed.

P.S. - Please do not add "http://" while adding your blogs url in the above form,or your Popular Posts widget will not work.

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