Sunday, July 26, 2009

Selecting Right and Profitable Affiliate Programs for your Blog

While selecting correct and profitable Affiliate Program keep in mind that some programs can waste your time and also some others can spoil your website's reputation also.

Following is a short guide for Selecting Right and Profitable Affiliate Programs

1. Your Website

If you have Computer related site then promoting the agriculture product will not be a smart choice. Then visitors of your site also matters. Promoting visitor interested products will good.

2.Affiliate merchant's website

Affiliate merchant's website should only deal with selling of products and not unwanted ads. The product or service must encourage visitors to purchase it.

3.Reputation of the affiliate merchant and quality of goods and services

You should must have the knowledge of payments by Affiliate merchant and also their past and present operations.

Promoting inferior quality and overpriced goods will degrade your reputation.

4.Commission scheme of the affiliate program

Most popular Commission sachems are pay per click, pay per lead and pay per sale schemes. With the competition increasing almost all merchants have started offering two tiered commissions, some even offer multi tiered ones.

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