Sunday, July 26, 2009

iBusiness Promoter : a quick review

Some of my webmaster friends asks for iBusiness Promoter and its efficiency .
So here is a quick and easy to understand review of iBusiness Promoter.

iBusiness Promoter is a SEO expert , who provides various tools and by using these tools your website can get position in top 10 search results for a given keyword. I
t also has money back guaranty. You can try the free version first (but it do not have the all tools)

They offer step by step guide of tasks and tools to complete those tasks and this helps in obtaining good search ranking and improve your websites popularity.

Here are advantages of iBusiness Promoter -

They analyze and optimize your website for keywords.
They helps in search engine submission and also in link building.
They also offer some unique tools like broken link checker, keyword density analyzer, search engine spider checker and so on.
They offer help in directory submission.
They help to improve your website's popularity.
It gives money back guaranty.

Disadvantages of iBusiness Promoter -

I did not find any.

Final verdict

Try iBusiness Promoter once as it has money back guaranty

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