Sunday, July 26, 2009

Increase traffic to your Blogger blog with Google Webmaster Tools

Google the biggest search engine on the web , and you can get your blog indexed at Google Search Engine by using Google Webmaster's Tools.

You can use these Webmaster's Tools using your Google Account.Just visit the link above after you have logged into your blogger account.

Just add you blog's URL in the "Click here to add site box" and press "Add Site".

Next Step is to verify your blog.

In the "Choose Verification Method" box,select "Add a meta tag".

Now you will get a code looking like this-
<meta name="verify-v1" content="4m13erZoSX4XyeWw/nNxYTtr+ONIzBy8ZnOMT1TDtuM=" />
Copy this code and goto your Blogger's-

Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML.

Look for this tag - "<head>" and place the code below this tag. and click "Save Template"

Now in your Webmaster's Tools page click the verify button and yoy will see a page saying your site is verified.

Adding Blogger Blog's Sitemap to Google Webmaster's Tools.

Now this is the important step and also quite difficult if you donot know how to create a sitemap for your Blogger Blog.

Now just goto your Google Webmaster's Tools Dashboard and click on add option below sitemap.

It will ask you to choose type .... select "Add General Web Sitemap"

Now just add "atom.xml" besides your blog address like this -

Click "Add General Web Sitemap" and your sitemap is added to Google without anymore hassels.

By submitting your sitemap to Google you tell the Google Search Engine more about your blog,the pages it's having and it's content,helping you index more pages from your Blogger blog into Google Search Results, ultimately getting you more visitors.

As this a feed sitemap you need not update it manually, it will get updated automattically whenever you make new posts.

How to check whether your site is indexed in Google Search Engine or not ?

Here is a simple method - goto and search for "" and you can know whether your site is indexed in Google or not and if it's indexed then how many pages are indexed in Google Search Engine.

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